open this ….



5 thoughts on “open this ….”

  1. You certainly did your homework on this article and I think I finally found a person who thinks more like me, and less like what the elitists want us too. I look forward to future articles by you.


    1. It seems that gradually the masses are waking up to reality , that the world is run by an elite group of physcopaths who own the banks that control the government and the media .The chasm between what is really happening and what we are told is absolutely enormous , that is why they fill the minds of the masses with celebrity gossip , crazy and useless sports stats ….etc

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  2. I agree totally. Watching the news is like watching a comedy show (except it’s not funny). They think we are so stupid and can’t remember all the contradictions (nice word for lies) that they said before, or don’t see how they vote for things and who they are in bed with. The sad thing is that the masses seem to enjoy their celebrity gossip and sports instead of turning their attention on what is really going on in this country and the entire world, and they sure don’t seem to see that the politicians are nothing more than puppets who strings are being pulled by a small group of people who only have the desire for power and money.

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